Yamaha XMAX 400 - first thoughts

The new XMAX 400 weighs 5kg less than its predecessor

Yamaha XMAX 400 - first thoughts

YAMAHA is in the middle of updating its XMAX range, so Visordown’s Laura Thomson headed to France to test the updated 400cc model.

Here’s what she thought:

‘Introduced in 2013, Yamaha’s XMAX 400 exists to bridge the gap between the motorcycle-rivaling TMAX 530, and the lower capacity XMAX 300.

‘But it’s also an attractive prospect in its own right, especially in the 2018 guise that I've tested at launch today.

‘It's light and agile - more so than the previous model, thanks to a 5kg weight reduction.

‘However, it still weighs 210kg and while you can’t feel that mass on the move, it becomes obvious when you try to push the bike, or put your feet down to paddle along. The wide seat also hinders paddling, and I found that I could not get both feel flat on the ground, unless I moved to in front of the seat.

‘A host of adjustable elements, including handlebars, screen and rear suspension allow the rider to customise it to their size and riding style, and once you find your perfect set up, the 400 is very comfortable.

‘With the screen on its higher setting, bars further away and suspension in the neutral middle ground, I found the XMAX to be capable, and comfortable both in town and on the motorway.

‘That swingarm mounted 395cc engine provided ample torque and power until around 6,000rpm where the former began to wane, followed soon after by the latter.

‘Nonetheless, the maxi-scooter is good for the national limit, although the 15-inch front wheel begins to wobble in this region.

‘It’s well equipped, with a premium finish and keyless ignition, and at £5,999 is an attractive option for riders not yet ready to commit to the £10,899 TMAX 530.’