Yamaha TY-E electric trials bike launched

Trademark to launch in just five days, Yamaha present the TY-E electric trials bike

Yamaha TY-E electric trials bike launched

Just days ago Yamaha filed a trademark application for the name ‘TY-E’ that we suggested was due to be used on an electric trials bike. And here it is, live and direct from the Tokyo Bike show.

Due to take part in the 2018 FIM Trial-E Cup, the TY-E is currently a works machine, so there’s no way to buy one for yourself. Yet.

It’s a pretty exotic electric. While we’re too entrenched in pistons and petrol to thoroughly understand all this battery-powered jargon, it’s safe to assume that the ‘high rotation type compact high-power electric motor that achieves high off-road performance with both powerful low speed torque and extended acceleration’ is better than the one in your Dyson.

Yamaha also claims ‘sophisticated motor control technology that achieves an excellent response and a power feeling from extremely low to high-speed ranges.’ Well, they weren’t likely to say it was sluggish. The motor itself is an AC synchronous type, powered by lithium ion batteries.

More understandable to us ICE luddites is the adoption of a hydraulic mechanical clutch. Even though electric motors don’t run continuously like petrol engines, so don’t strictly need clutches, using one will inevitably give an extra layer of control to the rider.

We’re also on more familiar ground when it comes to the chassis, although a carbon-fibre monocoque frame like the TY-E’s isn’t exactly mainstream just yet. As you’d imagine, it’s said to cut the bike’s weight while also allowing the batteries to be stored inside it. And it looks awesome into the bargain. Overall, the TY-E weighs in at under 70kg.

The TY-E will appear at the two-round FIM Trial-E Cup this year. The first event is at Auron in France on July 14-15, the second in Belgium – at Comblain au Pont – on July 20-21. Yamaha rider Kenichi Kuroyama will ride the sole TY-E at both rounds.