Yamaha Tracer sprouts a ‘125’ baby brother?

Honey, I shrunk the Yamaha Tracer! A Yamaha Tracer '125' appears in spy shots in Vietnam and gets us yearing after a bike we won't likely ever receive.

Yamaha Tracer 125 - Motosaigon.vn

THE YAMAHA TRACER range looks to be growing following the emergence of these shots purporting to show a smaller dimension, smaller capacity version of the popular bike.

Captured by MotoSaigon in Vietnam – an authority for motorbikes in a market where two wheels remain a stronghold market – little is ultimately known about the ‘mini-Tracer’ and its specifications, or even where the shot was taken, but the premise appears to be taking the style of the Yamaha Tracer and wrapping it over a 125cc (or 150cc) unit.

In the vein of the MT-07 and MT-09, it would be logical to assume the MT-125 will spawn a Tracer variant using the same powertrain.

You won’t be going the speeds of the Yamaha Tracer 700 or doing the distance of the Yamaha Tracer 900 but you’ll at least look good tackling the daily commute.

Will the Yamaha Tracer 125 be sold in the UK?

The caveat here however is there is also a big chance this bike will never venture to Europe and is a specific Asia-only model, where a small capacity, rugged bike would likely perform well ducking in and out of the hefty traffic that makes bikes such a commodity.

Either way, the bike looks like it is ready to be unleashed on the public and given the Ho Chi Minh Motorshow kicks off on 23rd August 2019 we’re going to put some smart money on this Yamaha makinb its public bow.

It’s not an unusual practice to keep some of the more specialist learner-legal models to Asia where a purpose is more served than it would be here – Honda recently announced something similar with the launch of its Honda ADV 150 scooter in Indonesia – but we reckon there would be a market for something like this given the chance.

If you’re that keen on it, lobby your nearest Yamaha dealer…