Yamaha TMAX SX and DX models planned

Possible new touring and sport versions of TMAX

WE'RE increasingly seeing the motorcycle market shift to become more like the car world, with multiple versions of the same machine on sale at different price points and with different target owners. Now it seems the Yamaha TMAX will be the next to take that route.

Yamaha has applied for trademarks on two TMAX names – TMAX SX and TMAX DX – suggesting that it’s about to split its segment-defining big scoot into multiple models.

Not long ago the only choice you’d have to make when buying a bike was which colour you wanted (and sometimes there wasn’t even an option about that). Now we’re seeing identical-looking machines mutate into multiple trim levels. Would sir prefer his Triumph Tiger 800 in XCX, XRT or XRX form? It’s like doing maths in Latin.

Of course, diversity is great. You’re more likely to find a bike that’s just right for your needs, and manufacturers benefit because they gain extra models with minimal development costs. It’s just a bit harder to keep tabs on exactly which bikes have which features.

While the new Yamaha trademarks leave little doubt that the firm is set to launch SX and DX versions of the TMAX, at the moment there’s no clue as to how they’ll differ or whether the basic, vanilla TMAX will remain available alongside them. It’s fair to speculate that the two models could mimic the BMW C650 Sport and C650 GT – with one designed to be more stripped back and sporty, the other loaded with gadgets and given more long-distance ability.

Given the timing of the Yamaha trademark applications, it’s likely that the SX and DX will be ready in time for the big bike shows towards the end of the year.

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