Yamaha launches new XSR700 Legacy as part of 2023 sports heritage range

The 2023 sports heritage range from Yamaha will see minor visual updates, new colours for the XSR125, and a new XSR700 Legacy.

2023 Yamaha XSR700 Legacy. - Yamaha

Yamaha has revealed its sports heritage models for 2023, with visual updates coming to the XSR125 and new XSR700 Legacy. 

As far as ‘sports heritage’, ‘neo-retro’, and ‘modern classic’ ranges go, Yamaha’s roster for modern technical takes on classic styling is certainly an attractive one. 

Of course, Yamaha has a decent history to fall back on when it comes to designing bikes that make use of its most recent technology but also call back to its past. 

2023 Yamaha XSR700 Legacy

Certainly, the Yamaha XSR700 is a motorcycle which combines past and present in an aesthetically and technically pleasing way, encasing the 698cc two-cylinder engine also used in the Tracer 7 sports tourer line in a scrambler-style visual design. 

For 2023, the XSR700 gets a Legacy edition, which features an integrated headlight guard, a new handlebar, and a new seat layout, as well as a new colour: “Speedblock Silver”.

2023 Yamaha XSR700 Legacy technical highlights:

  • Torque-rich 690cc crossplane technology EU5 engine
  • Light and slim tubular backbone frame
  • Classic scrambler & Speedblock design
  • Braced scrambler handlebars, grips and chunky footrests
  • High-tech XSR family round LED headlight & taillight
  • Block-pattern Pirelli MT 60 RS dual-purpose tyres
  • New dedicated retro inspired colours and graphics

2023 Yamaha XSR125

The sports heritage range from Yamaha will also feature an updated XSR125 in 2023. Featuring a frame derived from the Yamaha R125, the chassis also features 37mm front forks, while the engine produces 11kW (14.8 horsepower) of maximum power.

New colours will be available for the 2023 XSR125, which will be available in: “Heritage White”, “Yamaha Blue”, and “Impact Yellow”.

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