Yamaha applies for “Bolt” trademark

Cashing in on the Olympics?

YAMAHA has applied for a trademark on the name “Bolt” to use on a future motorcycle. No indication if that's a nod to Usain Bolt, but the application was made just as the Olympics finished.

Given that Yamahas with names rather than numbers tend to be scooters, we're guessing the title isn't destined for an R1 replacement. In fact, the trademark might not even get granted.

According to the application, the name is to be used on “motorcycles and structural parts therefor” - and we can imagine the second element might cause problems. After all, if other firms are denied the use of the term 'bolt' for structural parts of motorcycles, it's going to make it a bit difficult for designers, mechanics and even customers trying to order parts: “Hi, I'd like to order a new, er, thing to screw into a nut...”