Yamaha 500cc GP replica revealed!

Calm down dear, it's only a scooter

On paper it sounds so enticing: 500cc, speed-block colour scheme, a GP-inspired tribute to Yamaha's racing heritage.... But in reality it's a limited-edition T-Max scooter that's just been launched in Japan.

Part of Yamaha's celebrations for the firm's 50th anniversary in GP racing, along with the special colours that the M1 racers will be wearing at Assen and Laguna Seca, the XP500 T-Max WGP 50th Anniversary Edition (catchy, that) is set to go on sale – in Japan at least – at the end of July. Although exactly how many will be made isn't clear, numbers are said to be 'limited'.

As well as the speed block paint scheme, buyers get a set of sponsors' stickers mimicking those of the real M1 race bike, but they're expected to put them on the bike themselves. No news on whether anything similar will be appearing in this country...