Yamaha’s new SCR950

Yamaha gets in on the scrambler scene with new US-only model and indicates that it could come to Europe

YAMAHA has just announced a new model - the SCR950, which will be available from the start of July, although currently only for the USA.

The scrambler-style SCR950 is heavily based on the XV950 – a Bobber-style custom that’s powered by a 942cc air-cooled SOHC four-valve 60-degree V-twin engine.

Currently the engine in the XV950 isn’t Euro4 compliant, which is why the SCR950 is only being offered in America for now.

The XV950, which the SCR950 is based on

Yamaha UK has told us that the SCR950 is being ‘evaluated for Europe.’ It wouldn’t confirm how that process is going, and didn’t say whether the non-Euro4 XV950 would be dropped from the range instead of being made to meet Euro4 noise and emissions standards. However, based on the current trend for scrambler-style bikes, and the fact that in the XV950 Yamaha has an existing platform to create its own take on the scrambler theme, we think there’s a good chance we the SCR950 could be offered for sale in Europe.

The SCR950 uses the same key ingredients as the XV950, with the same frame and engine. Some of the changes that put it in to scrambler territory include a new higher back end and seat, higher and wider bars, a number board, fork gaiters and wire-spoked wheels.

It’s being sold for $8,699 in America, which equates to around £6100 – about £1000 less than the XV950.


Being overweight and underpowered it's unlikely to fare well here in the UK against the models already in Yamaha's range. There's no room for both the XSR700 and this in the same showroom.

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Japan, really, it's ok to look into your own past to find exciting retro models without just following Chris Hunter like lemmings over the scrambler cliff.
This motor could actually work in a retro TZ750-like Tracker format, instead of a really bad ripoff of a Ducati Scrambler.

I really like it. There's something about the slightly retro look which I like.

I really like this bike and I'll get down to the local Yamaha dealer when one comes in. My only trepidation is that the seat may be a little too high but everything else about it looks appealing, especially the narrow profile and the air-cooled engine. Yamaha's picking up the chips now because other makers like Royal Enfield have farted around way too long bringing a similar bike to market.

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For this to work for Yamaha it's gong to have to be very keenly priced, offered with full catalogue of equally keenly-priced accessories, and be keenly promoted to the facial-hair-and-turnups brigade.

Personally as scrambler-style I think it's a bit half-arsed. It needs to appear a lot shorter, back end needs to be raised at least an inch,. But as a flat track-inspired street tracker it is sufficiently different to have its own wine bar appeal.

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I quite like the looks of this bike (well, except the front downtube kink which is like something the British bike industry would have come up with in the late 60's.) come on Yamaha..
I don't think I'd buy one though.. :)

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