What do you want to know about the new Honda Fireblade?

We’ll be on track with it at Portimao this weekend

HONDA’S new CBR1000RR Fireblade is one of the mostly hotly anticipated new bikes of the year and it’s being launched this weekend at Protimao.

We’ll be there, taking the base model ‘Blade and the Fireblade SP for a razz round and we’d like to know if there’s anything specific you want to find out about the new model. 

Leave us a message in the comments section, and we’ll address it in our review.

Honda revealed its heavily updated Fireblade at the Intermot show in October last year. The headline changes include a heavily revised and more powerful engine, tweaked chassis and updated styling plus a comprehensive collection of top-line electronics (depending on the model) including quickshifter, lean angle sensitive traction control, inertial measurement unit, cornering ABS, semi-active Ohlins suspension plus riding and power modes. Click here for full details.


In what way(s) is it better than the old fireblade? Noticeable difference or needs side by side checking? Character much the same - plus the helpful new electronics, or do they ruin it? Compared to an R1/S1000RR (pending a full group test of course)? Would you regret getting the base every time you saw an SP? Plus useability - could you be comfortable doing regular commuting into the city? And can't they do a single colour version and dump the graphics beyond the Honda marque?

The old EU spec Fireblade was 210kg with ABS, the new one I think is 195kg wet with ABS. The old Blade made a 178hp at the crank, the new one makes a 189hp at the crank. This I think makes the Fireblade the lightest of the SBK class bikes.

How is it in comparison to a S1000rr which seems to to the benchmark in comfortable supperbikes? Given that most of these bikes will spend most of their time on the road to you end up with your knees around your elbows?

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