What’s a Yamaha SCR950?

We don’t know yet, but one will be launched soon

TECHNOLOGY keeps betraying Yamaha’s attempts to keep new models secret and as a result we now know the firm is developing a new model under the name SCR950.

The firm has trademarked the name in America and Europe as well as buying several related website domain names including www.yamaha-scr950.com. Don’t go looking there yet – it’s a dead link – but the firm owns the rights to the site along with various permutations of the name and the .org, .net and .us versions of each of them.

So, what could an SCR950 be? Well, the only 950cc engine in the firm’s current arsenal is the XV950’s air-cooled V-twin, so the likely implication is that the SCR will be derived from that. And is it a coincidence that ‘SCR’ is the first three letters of the word ‘scrambler’?

In Europe, the firm has also registered the trademark XCR950 at the same time, hinting at a second derivative of the same new bike. However, at the moment there’s no website activity or US trademark under that title.

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