WATCH | Harley-Davidson Pan America production begins

The production of the Harley-Davidson Pan America has begun, as this video shows bike number one rolling off the production line

Pan America-2021
Pan America-2021

THE Harley-Davidson Pan America has rightfully been pretty big news since being first revealed back in 2018. For a brand that has always been at the heart of the America-made cruiser scene, the shift into the adventure sector raised more than just eyebrows.

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WE'VE known about the Harley-Davidson Pan America for some time but have only really had the polished PR photos or some grainy patent drawing to go by ...


Now though, as the dust has settled and the specs of the bike are fully known, the motorcycle industry and punters are all very keen to know what the bike is actually like to ride. On paper, it’s powerful, well-specced, and refreshingly well priced – in a segment that can quickly run away with itself.

And the time to find out is drawing ever nearer, as the UK press launch for the Pan America has been scheduled for next month, with a day of on and off-road riding planned. And of course, Visordown will be there to bring you our full verdict.

Back in the homeland of Harley though, things are beginning to happen at its Vehicle Operations Plant in York, Pennsylvania, as the first customer (or possibly journalist) bikes are beginning to trickle from the production line.

Pan America adventure motorcycle
Pan America adventure motorcycle

What we know about the Harley-Davidson Pan America

For a full rundown of the new bike, you can check out the article we ran when the bike got officially unveiled, if you’re looking for an abridged version, here it is.

The Pan America 1250 comes in two flavours, a base bike, starting at £14,000, and the Special model coming in at £15,500. The main spec is the same for each, meaning they both get the brand new Revolution Max 1250 unit producing a claimed 148bhp and 94lb-ft of torque. The Revolution Max engine boasts VVT, dual sparks, and four valves per cylinder. That puts this American-made cat firmly amongst the pigeons of the existing adventure bike sector.

1st Harley-Davidson Pan America rolls off the production line

You may be wondering what the £1,500 premium for the Special model gets you. And it’s a good question, and the answer is pretty cool. The Special comes equipped with electronic semi-active front and rear suspension, nothing too outlandish there, but it can also be specced with what Harley is claiming is a world-first on a motorcycle – Adaptive Ride Height (ARH).

The system works by lower the motorcycle when it comes to a stop, allowing the shorter rider to get nicely flat-footed on the road beneath them. Once back up to speed, the system raises the bike back up again, restoring the ground-clearance to what it was before.

That’s a very quick overview of the bike, to check it out in more detail, take a look at the reveal article we posted when the bike was officially unveiled by clicking here.



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