Vins Powerlight two-stroke revealed

100cc V-twin stroker shown in Milan

AS promised last week, the new 100cc V-twin Vins Powerlight two stroke was revealed at EICMA but at the moment technical information on the bike is still thin on the ground.

We do have some clearer – if still computer-generated – images of the bike plus a snap of it on the show stand, though.

The firm is claiming that its direct-injected V-twin stroker will be clean enough for the road, and that the bike will be 40kg lighter than similarly-sized conventional machines with similar performance. As well as the lightweight, two-stroke engine, there’s a carbon monocoque frame, carbon wheels, carbon Hossack-style forks and a carbon swingarm. Basically, there’s not much metal to be found on the bike.

The engine is pitched forwards by 90 degrees, so instead of having a ‘front’ and ‘rear’ cylinder, there’s a top and bottom one. The airbox sits in the V, just behind the front wheel, where you’d normally find a radiator. Where’s the radiator? Up in front of the fuel tank, of course. The massive air intakes on the nose of the bike feed it, and the heated air is then ducted out under the seat just above the rear wheel.

We’ve included some additional images from the bike’s design patent, which show the way the headlights and air intake are arrange more clearly than the official pictures.

Although the first bike appears to be the 100cc version, a similar 250cc machine is also planned. 

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