Video: Super Duke R 'makes more torque than any bike I've ridden,' says Jeremy McWilliams

Former MotoGP race winner says new KTM does fourth-gear wheelies

FORMER MotoGP race winner Jeremy McWilliams says KTM's all-new 1290 Super Duke R makes more torque than any motorcycle he has ever ridden, including race bikes.

McWilliams, who competed in last year’s North West 200 road races, says the eagerly anticipated naked bruiser will do fourth-gear wheelies.

He talks about riding the 1290 Super Duke R on track in a promotional video released by KTM today.

He says: "The bike’s producing 144Nm of torque which is quite incredible. That obviously equates to a very fun riding experience...

"It’s got more torque than any bike I’ve ever ridden and that’s including all of my race bikes…

"Fourth gear wheelies if you so wish, not that I told you that."