Vast GWM Eight-Cylinder Souo S2000 GL Breaks Cover

Powered by a huge 2,000cc ‘flat eight’ engine, the Souo S2000 GL clearly has one bike in its crosshairs

Vast GWM Eight-Cylinder Souo S2000 GL Breaks Cover

The clearest images yet of the bike that will utilise the Great Wall Motor (GWM) flat eight-cylinder engine have been released - and as you’d expect, it is huge!

If you haven’t heard of GWM, you’re not alone. It’s a Chinese and Asian-market automaker, focusing on high-end cars, SUVs and pick-up trucks. This though is what seems to be the brand’s first foray into the world of heavyweight luxury motorcycles, and it seems the Chinese giant has gone all-in from the very start.

The bike was revealed at the 2024 Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition, which took place between 17 and 20 May. It’s called the Souo S2000 GL, which refers to ‘Search Own, Unlimited Outlook and is the chivalry spirit of self-pursuit, unlimited vision,’ whatever that means. With its boxer configuration engine, it’s clear the new GWM has the Honda Gold Wing in its sights, but there are models like the BMW K1600 GT, Indian Pursuit, and the Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited which could also be called competitors.

The engine powering the bike though is the thing that has been grabbing so many headlines recently, and while confirmed specs for the machine aren’t noted, the release from GWM does give us some information about what lies within the engine casings. The eight-cylinder 2,000cc unit features an eight-speed DCT, and what GWM calls ‘EPB automatic parking function’ which we assume is a kind of crawler gear for easier low-speed manoeuvering. Describing the engine, GWM claims that “every time it is started, the deep and deep roar is as shocking as a lion's roar, full of power and majesty; when accelerating, the sound is exciting. Surging, igniting passion and blood”. Crikey. 

The chassis of the bike takes inspiration from the other heavyweight tourers on the market, in that it features a Hossack front end for improved comfort - Hossack front suspension allows a softer over setup without introducing any unwanted diving of the front end under heavy braking. There’s an article on Hossack front suspension you can read here that explains the technology in more detail. The press release also confirms that the Souo S2000 GL also features a “three-layer stepped front suspension” which it claims is “the world's leading multi-stage adjustable electronic shock absorption,” so there is an element of semi-active adjustability on the bike.

The braking system on the bike pictured is from Brembo, which is good to see on a machine of this size and weight, and while there is no mention of it, we’d assume that IMU-controlled ABS is mated to the electronic suspension. Further technology arrives in the form of a 12.3-inch touch-sensitive screen, which the press release refers to as an LCD, not a TFT, although that could be getting lost in translation. The bike also features a rear collision warning system and blind spot detection, an electrically adjusted windscreen, heated seats, 118 litres of luggage space, and an eight-speaker stereo system.