US-spec Honda RC213V-S makes less power than a CBR600RR

$184,000 for… 101hp

WE were surprised last week to discover the RC213V-S makes just 159hp in road legal form, rising to 215hp with a track-only kit fitted, and we extended our commiserations to US buyers who won't be offered the kit.

But now it turns out that the news is even worse for the US. According to the official RC213V-S website, the US bike makes just 101hp at 8,000rpm, and 66lb-ft at the same revs. That’s lower specs than France gets offered, thanks to its 102hp (100bhp) limit.

And French riders can still get full power, and 13,000rpm potential, if they buy the ‘sports kit’. US riders won’t be able to buy it, for reasons that don’t seem to be clear; it’s a track-only kit, so there can’t be problems with emissions or noise.

More powerful bikes in Honda’s US range include the VFR800 (and it’s a V4!), ST1300, Goldwing, Valkyrie, F6B, CB1000R, CBR1000RR and CBR600RR. We’d be surprised if the forthcoming Africa Twin doesn’t beat it, too.

According to internet rumour, the sports kit will cost €12,000 (£8,680). Details of the kit are also revealed on the official site. It includes:

-Engine control unit (ie it gets chipped)

-Front air duct (probably meaning the headlights need to be removed)

-Exhaust muffler (minus the catalytic converters)

-AI joint cover set (nope, no idea what that is)

-Spark plugs (likely to be higher temperature versions)

-Loadcell type quick shifter (self-explanatory)

-Gear shift drum (reverse pattern shift)

-Data logger set

-Rear cushion connecting rod (i.e. rear suspension linkage changes)

-Front brake pads (different compound for the track)

-Front brake lever remote adjuster

-Thermostat set

-Sprocket set

-Clutch guard (CFRP)

-Front cowl under cover

-Front winker holeplug

-Seat back rubber

-Lower cowl drain cap

-Harness modification set

-Fr/Rr maintenance stand

-Indoor machine cover

And, in the small print, the fitment of the sport kit voids the warranty. It’s quite likely that this is why the kit isn’t offered in America. The small print also mentions that the maintenance schedule and parts availability will be ‘significantly different’ from an ordinary bike’s.

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