New Horex VR6 sketched

New owners promise revised VR6 when production restarts

THE German Horex VR6 is one of the most ambitious new motorcycle projects of recent years and as such it’s little surprise that the firm floundered under the cost and difficulty of bringing its vision to production.

But despite the failure of the original incarnation of the project, the bike has been saved by new owners 3C Carbon Group AG and there are plans afoot to restart production with this revamped version, shown in an official sketch released to Germany’s Motorrad magazine.

Understandably, the new owners aren’t setting out to redesign major components like the chassis or the engine, but while keeping those part unaltered they’ve added a restyled seat and sub-frame plus a new exhaust system that’s reckoned to release more of the 1200cc narrow-angle V6 engine’s potential power. No numbers are mentioned, but that means it must be more than the original’s 160bhp.

Given the fact that the new owner is a carbon fibre specialist, the new version is likely to be lighter with more use of the stuff wherever it can be incorporated. There’s also a suggestion that the bike will be re-targeted at a more exclusive audience, with lower projected production numbers allied to a higher price than the €25,000 original.

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