Upgraded KTM 890 Adventure R goes harder, refuses to go home

The 2023 KTM 890 Adventure R gets a host of technical and electronic updates to ensure it remains one of the segment's most capable off-road motorcycles

2023 KTM 890 ADV .jpg

The flagship off-road focused KTM 890 Adventure R has been given a technical upgrade for 2023 designed to improve its already very capable performance in the rough.

Considered one of the best ADV motorcycles for those who embark on serious off-roading, the ‘R’ version of the KTM 890 Adventure is inspired by the Austrian firm’s immense success in rally-raiding, including the Dakar Rally it has won on 18 occasions.

For 2023, the Austrian firm has introduced a series of hardware and software updates, most notably the fully-adjustable WP XPLOR forks and WP XPLOR PDS rear shock inspired by the KTM 450 Rally machine.

Redesigned bodywork sees the machine receive a new fairing, fuel tank and cowling to improve aerodynamics and ergonomics, as well as help protect the motorcycle from the elements when out in the wild. It also features a lower windshield, high front fender and engine protector.

From the riders’ seat, the KTM 890 Adventure R gets a new 5-inch TFT display complete with graphics that include turn-by-turn navigation and coloured pictograms.

Elsewhere, the Adventure R’s ABS control unit now comes with 6D sensor readings, while there is now an OFFROAD ABS setting, plus the optional RALLY MODE.

Owners can also install a new DEMO MODE, which allows riders to take advantage of all the specs and options for the first 1,500km before the rider decides which pack or features to acquire. 

Thanks to the DEMO MODE setting, adventurers can feel and experience the areas of the bike they prefer, while in the thick of throttle-wringing action.