Ultraviolette F77 electric sportsbike has an ‘insane’ mode. Literally

The Ultraviolette F77 electric sportsbike is launched in India boasting some eye-watering performance figures and a striking look

Ultraviolette F77

We love a good ‘riding mode’ on a motorcycle here at Visordown which is why we would very much like to get our hands on the new Ultraviolette F77 electric-powered sportsbike just for the pleasure of clicking it into a so-called ‘insane’ setting.

We’ve featured Ultraviolette before, an ambitious start-up from India that has previously teased the F77 with some eye-catching silhouettes of its rakish profile, plus its figures of 34hp and a arm-pulling 330ib-ft of torque generated from its motors.

Now the Ultraviolette F77 has emerged from the shadows with a full launch in its native nation, promising to bring high-speed, low running cost motorcycling to a country that is both mad on bikes but facing a crisis in dealing with its climate-related issues.

From the outset the Ultraviolette F77 is certainly a striking-looking machine, with its KTM-style front-end, trellis frame and chunky inverted telescopic forks, though some swishes of the designer’s pen can’t quite disguise that sizeable fairing required to house its bulky battery.

Under all that ‘skin’ are three Modular lithium-ion batteries delivering a range of between 130-150km with fast charge capabilities of 1.5 hours (or up to five hours on a regular charge).

In terms of performance, the Ultraviolette F77 lives up to its sporty brief with some quite remarkable performance figures. 0-60 can be reached in less than three seconds, going on to a 91mph top speed, while it generates 90/450Nm of torque (motor/wheel).

Catching our eye, however, are the riding modes with the option of Eco, Sport and Insane, the latter no doubt allowing you to unleash that full power in one whirring surge if you are foolhardy enough to give it a go.

It’s well-kitted out too, boasting a TFT instrument console with connectively to smartphones and Bluetooth and USB chargers. The Ultraviolette F77 will be offered in Lightning, Laser and Shadow trims.

Will the Ultraviolette F77 make it to Europe?

We’ll stop short of ever expecting to see the Ultraviolette F77 on UK or European shores, though at an Indian price of around 3 lakh (3,00,000) with subsidies – which is around £3,250 – even with a sterling mark up it would still be hugely competitive on price.

Quality and riding enjoyment aside, this project at least demonstrates just how quickly the electric movement is developing and the ambition of company’s – little-known or otherwise – to keep pushing the envelope when it comes to creating machines with some eye-watering statistics.

We’ve seen Energica take a big step forward in terms of range and power with its new range of Ego and Eva models, while the steady flow of machines big and small seems to suggest we are on the cusp of a big shift over the coming years.

While we don’t expect to see an Ultraviolette F77 cruising the streets of Europe any time soon, its technology will be…