Ultraviolette F77 electric sports bike becomes available for pre-order

Ultraviolette has made their F77 electric sports bike available for pre-order in India, featuring interesting battery technology.

Ultraviolette F77. - Ultraviolette

The Ultraviolette F77 is an electric bike out of India - finally now available for pre-order - that looks to combine the sporty looks of traditional major manufacturers with some interesting technology. 

Ultraviolette has been developing the F77 for a while, and during that time it picked up the investment of TVS Motors, who British readers may recognise as the new owners of Norton.

Mechanically speaking - that is, away from the electric motor - the bike is relatively conventional. Upside-down forks at the front connected to a gas charged rear shock absorber with adjustable preload via a steel trellis frame. The brakes - 320mm disc with a four-piston radial calliper at the front, 230mm disc with a single-piston floating calliper at the rear - come with dual channel ABS, and the wheels are 17 inches. 

The power output, though, is perhaps more than we would expect from an electric. More frequently, they fit into the 125cc-equivalent category with around 11-14kW, but the F77 produces 25kW (33.5 horsepower), which puts it just below the output of Yamaha’s R25, which produces 26.5kW (35.5 horsepower). Of course, if we maintain this comparison between the F77 and the R25, the former out-torques the latter significantly, by 90Nm to 22.6Nm, thanks to the superiority of electric motors in this metric versus internal combustion engines. You might expect that the F77 would then be heavier than the R25, courtesy of its heavy batteries, but Ultraviolette quotes the weight for the F77 at 158kg, while the R25 weighs 166kg. 

And perhaps the batteries are the most interesting part of the F77. While between three of them they can store enough energy to carry the bike up to 200km thanks to a new format, they also make use of some technology which is quite unique to the F77. 

“Our batteries are more than power modules,” says Ultraviolette. “State of the art cooling mechanisms, new age sensors, multiple mechanical, electrical and thermal fail safe protocols - make these among the most advanced and robust batteries worldwide.”

Ultraviolette describe their batteries as “It is a self sustaining advanced electronic device.” They come with their own processor, memory, wireless communication and GPS module. This means that the the Ultraviolette F77’s batteries can communicate not only with each other, but also with the batteries of other F77s. 

Additionally, the batteries can be fully charged with a standard charger within five hours, and to 80% within three hours. With a fast charger, 80% can be reached in 50 minutes, and 100% in 90 minutes. Furthermore, the batteries are removable, so you can charge them in your house if necessary.

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