UK Pricing for Suzuki Address 125 and Avenis 125 announced

Suzuki UK has revealed the pricing for the Address 125 and Avenis 125 scooters for 2023

Avenis 125

COMMUTERS can get out and about on the funky-looking Suzuki Avenis 125 and Address 125 in 2023, as Suzuki UK announces the pricing for both models.

Both models use the proven Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) engine, delivering an impressive 148.67mpg figure and producing just 44g/km of CO2 emissions. At the same time, they still deliver powerful acceleration, with peak horsepower and maximum torque delivered at low rpm.

The Address 125 is the more traditionally styled machine, with flowing lines and chrome accents. Its features include the classic looking round LRD headlight, position lights and integrated indicators. There’s also a tail-mounted cap, finished in chrome.

Under the seat, there are 21.8 litres of storage space, along with a storage pocket located near a USB socket for smartphone charging on the go.

With its more angular, aggressive lines, the Avenis 125 is clearly a more youthful and sportier-looking machine. It does though share many of the Address’ practical elements but adds an additional, closable front storage compartment.

Like the Address 125, a shutter concealing the ignition keyhole can be opened quickly, using an easy-to-operate magnet mechanism coded to the owner’s key. There’s also a standard fitment centre stand and a side stand. Riders can also lock the rear brake via a switch on the left lever when parking.

Suzuki Address 125 and Avenis 125 UK price

Suzuki has announced pricing for its new Address 125 and Avenis 125, with the more traditionally styled Address coming with an RRP of £2,499 when it arrives in early 2023, while the sportier Avenis will be available at £2,699.

Suzuki also states that the Burgman Street 125EX revealed at Intermot along with the Address and Avenis, will be confirmed separately.

For more information on both models, head to the Suzuki UK website.

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