Tromox Ukko S: A new small, fast, and light electric bike

The Tromox Ukko S is a new electric mini-naked from China, with fast acceleration, a decent top speed, and a solid range from removable batteries.

Tromox Ukko S in Space Grey. - Tromox
Tromox Ukko S in Space Grey. - Tromox

Tromox has recently launched a new small city-based naked bike, with low power and high accessibility. 

Tromox is a Chinese brand, but unlike others is not a device for reviving old European names, or to copy the designs of established brands. Instead, Tromox focuses on small electric two-wheelers that blur the lines between motorcycle and scooter

Tromox Ukko S in Knight Black. - Tromox
Tromox Ukko S in Knight Black. - Tromox

With a peak power output of just 8kW (10.7 horsepower), Tromox’s most recent release, the Ukko S, is less powerful than most established 125cc bikes, but its lightweight design and small stature means a top speed of 93kph, or 57mph, and a range of 160km.

This is helped by a high torque figure for its electric motor. The peak figure is 180Nm, which ensures quick acceleration which is crucial for those short, intracity bursts. 

With dimensions of 1855mm x 800mm x 1045mm, and a wheelbase of 1295mm, the Ukko S is also compact, with an inverted front fork and rear monoshock. 

This is also where we encounter the first differences between the three variants of the Ukko S. The Ukko S Lite uses simply a spring damper, while the the standard Ukko S’s middle spring also has an internal airbag, and the Ukko S Pro makes use of an external airbag. 

Tromox Ukko S in Youth Blue. - Tromox
Tromox Ukko S in Youth Blue. - Tromox

The tyres are the same for all three variants, with 100/80-14 front tyres and 120/70-14 rear tyres. Additionally, the seat height is 770mm for all three.
More differences come in the braking assists, though. The standard and Lite variants use CBS, whereas the Pro uses ABS; then, the Lite uses a double-sided aluminium swingarm, while the standard and Pro both use double-sided. 

The drive varies between the models, too, with the Lite using chain drive, and the standard and Pro variants using belts. The latter two also get 5.5-inch TFT displays, while the Lite gets a VA display. 

Even the battery is different, with the Lite using a 72V45Ah battery, while the other two get 72V55Ah units. But, it is removable, meaning even with no off-street parking you can charge it in your house.

Tromox Ukko S in Tango Orange - Tromox
Tromox Ukko S in Tango Orange - Tromox

Finally, the Ukko S Pro is the only one of the three that comes with a camera. In fact, it comes with two.

In the UK, it seems that only the standard version is available. There are four colour options: “Youth Blue”, “Knight Black”, “Tango Orange”, and “Space Grey”.

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