Triumph's Moto2 bike on the dyno - video

Hinckley firm shows off new Moto2 engine on the dyno in its development mule. Play loud!

Triumph Moto2 bike on dyno

WE STILL have to pinch ourselves when we remember that Triumph is set to take over the Moto2 engine contract from Honda at the end of this year. It's an amazing story, that the British firm is now up at the very top of race engine development - who'd have forecast that back in 1991 when the Trophy 1200 hit the streets?

DYNO TESTED! Triumph Moto2 765 development bike

And since the British MotoGP is this weekend, about 40 miles from the factory, the firm is having a bit of a celebration. Parade laps, Day of Champions giveaways - and a dyno run of the bike at the factory yesterday.

There's also - we hear - the chance for some journos to have a spin on Monday morning. Who will get that magic ticket do you think? Imagine.

Anyway, here's the bike on the dyno - deffo crack up the volume we reckon. Doesn't she sound good?

Top marks to the Triumph folks...