Triumph Trident 660 ‘Slippery Sam’ Tribute Announced

Triumph has announced a special edition Trident 660 complete with an evocative Slippery Sam paint scheme

Trident 660 'Slippery Sam' Tribute

Triumph is paying homage to one of its most famous racing motorcycles, as a Trident 660 inspired by the famous Slippery Sam racer is announced

Triumph is being cautious not to call the paint scheme or the bike a ‘replica’ of the 750cc Trident racer that took so many race wins in the 1970s. To those of a certain age though, who weirdly might not be the modern-day Trident 660’s target audience, the colours and famous ‘67’ number board are still instantly recognisable.

As well as the Slippery Sam paint, the new special edition of the Trident gains a smattering of additional parts not normally found on the stock machine. It gains a Triumph Shift Assist (quickshifter) system, belly pan and colour-matched fly screen, all fitted to the special edition as standard.

The original Slippery Sam was a 750cc Trident race bike, that competed on short circuits and the roads such as the Isle of Man TT. Its name comes from the Bol d’Or 24-hour race that still takes place today. The bike was racing against other production machines, but as was the way with production bikes back then, they used to leak a bit of oil. Slippery Sam ended up caking its fairings and riders in the stuff, earning it the rather awkward yet unforgettable name.


The new Trident 660 Slippery Sam Tribute comes in at £7,895, which is exactly the same price as the stock (non-tribute) bike. That sounds like exceedingly good value to us!

Paul Stroud, Chief Commercial Officer, Triumph Motorcycles said: 

“Since its launch in 2020, this middle-weight roadster has reinvigorated this highly competitive category, selling more than 35,600 units worldwide.

“It’s triple engine and premium detailing at a great price, has been successful in bringing younger and new riders to Triumph, and just as ‘Slippery Sam’ once inspired a generation, we believe this special edition has the iconic style, extra technology and dynamic performance to appeal to today’s Triumph fans.”.

More information on the new bike can be found on the official website.

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