Triumph Tames its Biggest Tiger With 2024 model Updates

The Triumph Tiger 1200 receives a number of updates for 2024, including engine and ergonomic changes aimed at smoothing the bike out

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer

The Triumph Tiger 1200 adventure bike is the biggest in the British manufacturer’s range, and its character has been adjusted for 2024 with a number of technical changes.

Related to the engine and ergonomics, mainly, the 2024 changes to the bike are mostly intended to give the Triumph Tiger 1200 a smoother, more refined engine, and to make it easier and more enjoyable to ride.

The engine is probably what has changed the most for 2024, even if the performance remains the same at 148bhp and 96lb ft. It mostly comes down to inertia, which Triumph has increased for this year. By increasing engine inertia and using a new engine balance strategy, the character of the engine is smoothed out because more energy is stored in the engine between the combustion phases of the engine cycle. Due to the T-plane crankshaft Triumph uses in the Tiger 1200’s engine, the engine’s firing order is uneven, and this can create vibration and discomfort - the basic idea of increasing inertia is to try to get rid of some of that.

Triumph says the engine updates have allowed for a reduction in forces in three aspects: pitch (forwards and backwards), yaw (lateral rotation), and roll (side-to-side). In terms of numbers, it says pitch forces are reduced by five per cent, yaw forces are reduced by 43 per cent, and roll forces (which it says are the ones the rider feels the most on the bike) are reduced by 89 per cent over the previous specification of the engine.

In addition to the reduction in vibration, the increased engine inertia also has a benefit at low speed, where control should be increased. Triumph notes this is of particular benefit off-road, and a new clutch design means that engaging first gear should be a bit smoother compared to before, too. The clutch lever is also changed for this year - it has been extended for easier use - while the seat has a flatter profile and gives the rider more space to move around, which Triumph says should increase comfort in longer rides.

Additionally the Active Preload Reduction feature that Triumph revealed last year is included on the 2024 Tiger 1200 as standard. By pressing the ‘home’ button on the switch cube for one second, the rider can activate the feature, which can reduce the seat height by 20mm while slowing to a stop. This is partly thanks to the Showa active suspension system that Triumph uses on the Tiger 1200 range. An accessory lower seat is also available, itself reducing the seat height by another 20mm.

Remaining features from the previous version of the Tiger 1200 include a seven-inch TFT display, Triumph Blind Spot Radar System, cornering traction control, six riding modes, adaptive LEDs, Triumph Shift Assist, heated grips and seat, tyre pressure monitoring system, the Hill Hold assist, and Brembo Stylema callipers.

Four variants of the Tiger 1200 are available in 2024 -  GT Pro, GT Explorer, Rally Pro, and Rally Explorer - and while all benefit from the revised engine, there are, of course, differences between all of them, notably that the Explorers are the only ones with the aforementioned heated grips and seat as standard. 

The GT Pro is the base version, with a 20-litre tank, but it benefits this year from the dampened handlebars and risers that had previously been exclusive to the Explorer models. Additionally, both the GT Pro and GT Explorer (30-litre tank) have had their footpegs moved upwards and inwards to increase ground clearance while turning. Cast aluminium wheels in 19-inch (front) and 18-inch (rear) sizes are fitted on both GT variants, which are available in Carnival Red, Snowdonia White, and Sapphire Black.

As for the Rally variants, the Rally Pro (20-litre tank) also gains the aforementioned dampened bars and risers, while both it and the Rally Explorer (30-litre tank) roll on 21-inch front and 18-inch rear tubeless spoked wheels. The two Rally models are available in Matt Sandstorm and Jet Black.

Pricing for the 2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 starts at £17,295 for the GT Pro, and rises through the Rally Pro (£18,295), GT Explorer (£18,695), and Rally Explorer (£19,695).

Triumph Chief Product Officer Steve Sargent said: “The updates to the Tiger 1200 range for 2024 will deliver an even more refined ride, broadening its global appeal. While the current generation model has already made a big impact on this segment, more than doubling annual sales of the Tiger 1200 around the globe, our world-class engineering team is always looking for new ways to refine and enhance every model.

“By listening to customer feedback and integrating some of the new enhancements already revealed in the new Tiger 900, this range of updates come together to deliver a significant improvement to the riding experience.”

Get a first look at the new Tiger 1200 at the Excel London bike show!

Triumph has just pulled the wraps off its latest Tiger giving punters a chance to check the bike out in person at this year's London bike show at the Excel. It looks as though it might be one of the very first of the new models off the production line, and while it doesn't seem like visitors will be able to swing a leg over it to check out the revisions for 2024, it does at least give you a chance to check the bike out in person.

Triumph can be found at stand Stand M120. 

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