The traditional Yamaha XJR1300 lives on

Japan won’t let go of the old-school muscle bike

WE might have a new Yamaha XJR1300 for 2015, or at least one with a new look, but lovers of trad-styled muscle bikes will be pleased to hear that the old version is remaining in production and gets new colours for 2015.

You’ll have to go to Japan to get one, though.

Mechanically the same as the restyled 2015 XJR that was recently launched for the European market, which gets a far smaller seat and tail plus retro roundels on the sides, the Japanese market version is sticking to the old-fashioned tail unit. Which looks far more practical and comfy for pillions than the sporty European version.

The Japanese model’s updates for 2015 are purely cosmetic, with lots of matte black where once you’d have found chrome and a racing stripe on the fuel tank.