Track T800 Diesel goes on sale in the UK

80mpg more torque than a 1200GS

THE DUTCH-MADE Track T800CDi Diesel-engined motorcycle is now for sale in the UK, via importer Ovik Special Vehicles.

The 800cc diesel engine is a Daimler-Benz unit, similar to the one used in the Smart car. Track claim it's capable of between 80 and 100mpg, producing just 45bhp but with 74ftlb of torque - more than a BMW R1200GS.

It's a shaft-drive but doesn't feature convential gears, instead it used continuous variable transmission, much like a twist-and-go maxi-scooter. It'll top out at 100mph and its 19-litre tank gives the T800 a claimed 330-mile range. Its dry weight is 215kg - on par with the competition.

The price? £15,995. That's a lot, but what price exclusivity?