SYM unveils new Jet 14 Evo scooter for 2023 model year

SYM's Jet 14 has become the most successful model of the JET series. Now, the Jet 14 gets a new update for 2023: the Jet 14 Evo.

2023 SYM Jet 14 Evo

SYM has launched the Jet 14 Evo, an update of the brand's successful Jet 14, featuring keyless start and ABS. 

SYM’s newest addition the Jet 14 Evo comes with a 149cc liquid cooled 4 stroke engine. The Jet 14 Evo can produce a maximum power of 8,500rpm and a maximum torque of 6,500rpm. The Evo has a 7.2 litre fuel tank capacity. The brakes on the Evo have a 260mm brake on the front with a 240mm on the rear, with ABS included for an easier ride.

The JET 14 Evo has kept the same compact dimensions that the original Jet 14 had. With its 14-inch wheels the Evo is the perfect scooter to have to commute around a city with its agile style and movability.

The Evo has been styled to have an either sportier and aggressive look to it. This comes with the added LED lighting and new visor that have been added to the Evo addition of the Jet 14. The Evo has also seen the addition of the new slotted stem rear mirror that has been added to go along with the lighting and visor.

The Evo has had the position of the fuel tank cap moved to the middle part of the chassis. This makes this more efficient for the rider as it allows for the fuel cap to be removed from the under the seat. Which then allows for the under-seat storage area to be enlarged to make it more friendly for the riders. The rear carrier has also been redesigned so a top case carrier and passenger handlebars can be added to the Evo.

The Jet 14 Evo allows for a day to day use for commuters but has its own sporty look and personality.

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