SYM ADXTG 400 takes a ‘sabre-tooth’ approach to adventure scooting

The SYM ADXTG 400 arrives in 2024, with a smilodon-inspired design and 399cc of multi-terrain adventure scooting 


In 2024, the SYM ADXTG 400 will arrive as a new entry into the adventure scooter category, with aggressive looks and promising specifications.

SYM describes the ADXTG 400 as being “Inspired by the ancient predator smilodon, as known as ‘sabre-toothed tiger’,” and certainly its aggressive lines are evident.

It is not necessarily something that sets the scooter apart, though. At this point it feels like almost every bike that releases is either ‘neo-retro’, or ‘aggressive’. Comparisons with prehistoric flesh-tearing predators are rare, though.

A 399cc engine powers the ADXTG 400 with the equivalent of 35 horses, while maximum torque is claimed at 27lb ft.

As an adventure scooter, it is of little surprise to hear SYM mark the ADXTG 400 out as capable “across a variety of terrain,” and its specifications are certainly supportive.

The ADXTG 400 uses a rigid aluminium swingarm with centralised Sanyang Multilink Suspension; the rigid handlebar is adjustable based on rider preference, as is the screen; hand guards are also fitted; and the suspension is long-travel (although we don’t know exactly how long - measurements haven’t been published yet). Further, dual sport Maxxis M6017S, and a sump guard comes as standard.

SYM also says that a “No-compromise, off-road standing position is intensively considered,” and a USB socket is also included for charging devices on longer rides.

Electronically, the ADXTG 400 marks some firsts for SYM, particularly with the inclusion of an off-road mode on the Bosch ABS system. As seen on other off-road bikes, the off-road ABS disengages the ABS at the rear wheel, while leaving it active at the front. Hard deceleration from speeds above 70kph (43mph) will activate the emergency brake light (EBL).