Suzuki working potential new electric scooter model

Patents have revealed that Suzuki could be about to launch a new electric scooter on the market

Suzuki electric scooter

SUZUKI is continuing the new model drive after news emerged that the firm is working on a new electric scooter. The patents show a lightweight yet sporty looking scooter, featuring an interesting drive system and swingarm design.

The bike comes hot on the heels of the new GSX-S1000, and GSX-S950 A2 naked motorcycle, although this new scooter is probably the biggest departure from the norm for the Japanese manufacturer.

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The bike in question outwardly looks like pretty much any other scooter on the road, although the design of this particular machine is a little different. For the most part, bikes in this category usually utilise the tried and tested method of mounting the engine and swingarm as a single item or mounting the electric motor within the rear wheel. Both these methods can boost the space within the bike’s chassis, allowing it to either carry a greater amount of luggage under the seat or larger capacity batteries if it is electric.

For reasons as yet unknown, the Suzuki design seen above shows the bike utilising a chain drive to the rear wheel, making it seem like the drivetrain located within the under-seat area of the bike. The rest of the bike’s electronics are located on top of the motor, with the battery, speed controller, and transformer. It looks like a bit of a strange decision at first, although the patent describes the thinking behind Suzuki’s decision.

It mentions that the scooter will be utilising air-cooling, through inlet ducts, outlets and fans mounted within the bike. The theory is that placing all the air-cooled elements on the bike close to each other means they can be air-cooled as a single unit. I’m still not 100 percent sold on the idea, I mean, placing the motor in the open air – as with pretty much every other electric motorcycle – would have provided the same outcome. Then the air-cooling system would have fewer components to keep cool and could work more efficiently.

Design aside, it’s nice to see that Suzuki is actively working on new models in the way the motorcycle riding public would like them to be – even if this particular new model isn’t the updated IMU-shod GSX-R1000 the world really wants to see!