Suzuki patent new 250cc engine

The new Suzuki 250cc unit is the answer to Euro5 and could power bikes like the GSX250R and V-Strom 250

suzuki 250cc Euro5 engine

SUZUKI is looking to the future with its range of mid-capacity machines as it patents a new cleaner 250cc engine.

The new engine should see bike like the GSX250R and V-Strom 250 remain in the Suzuki range through Euro5 and possibly beyond. In other markets, the new powerplant could see bikes like the Gixxer 250 SF, its naked cousin the Gixxer 250 and the GW250 Inazuma surviving the latest round of ever tightening global emissions targets.

To help circumnavigate the regulations, the new bike features a dual catalyst set up, that sees a smaller canister type catalyser fitted at the front of the engine. This type of set up is becoming a common answer in the quest for cleaner exhaust gases, with other manufacturers using the same trick – Yamaha’s latest R1 and R1M also use the method. The new exhaust system also features two lambda sensors, one above and one below the new front-mounted cat’.

suzuki 250cc Euro5 engine

It’s not a huge departure from the current version of the engine, that sees the exhaust system feed into a large, single catalyser mounted beneath the engine.

The current version of the 250cc unit produces around 26bhp at 9,000 rpm and 22.6 Nm of peak torque at 7,000 rpm – depending on the bike it’s in and tuning – and is matched with a 6-speed gearbox.

It’s likely that while this bike will still retain the same peak power figure as the current machine, outdoing it is unlikely. Suzuki may prefer to focus on making the new unit more rideable, with a smoother torque curve and a bit more low-down grunt.

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