Surprise new mini-bike from Honda

Monkey for the 21st century on sale this spring

HONDA has just released pictures and the first details of its new MSX125 – a bike that takes on the idea of the original Monkey and updates it for a new generation. 

In an era when most learner-legal 125s are worthy-but-dull, the MSX125 could be a revelation. OK, it's too small to be a practical bike over any sort of distance, sporting wheels just 12 inches in diameter, but as a city-bound alternative to a scooter it could be just the solution to kids looking to get on two wheels for the first time.

Just like the Monkey and Dax that preceded it, the MSX gets a variation on Honda's classic C90-style engine, air-cooled and with a near-horizontal cylinder. But here there's fuel injection and a proper clutch and gearbox – albeit only a four-speeder. 

That old-school motor contrasts with kit including upside-down forks and a singe-shock rear suspension, while the small wheels emphasise the width of the tyres both front and rear.

We expect it to be in UK dealers at the end of April with a price similar to a CBF125: £2,500.

If you want to see a video of the bike to get an idea of its size, click here