Spotted: Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory

Does the yellow seat finally prove Italy is no longer synonymous with style?

SINCE Aprilia has made high-spec 'Factory' versions of the old RSV Mille, the V-twin Tuono and the RSV4 it comes as no surprise to find the same treatment is planned for the new V4 Tuono.

This picture, originally posted on an Italian Aprilia forum, appears to show a prototype for just such a machine – basically a Tuono V4 with the RSV4 Factory's Ohlins suspension bolted on.

Presuming Aprilia follows its usual practice, the bike will get no engine modifications, instead focussing on handling thanks to the new suspension. But while this prototype's black frontal bodywork is the usual test bike fare there's a hint that Aprilia is planning take the Tuono's already controversial styling a step further by adding that yellow seat.

Harking back to some of the worse fashion atrocities of the 1980s and early 1990s, when Aprilia themselves were masters of the odd-coloured buttock support, peaking with the turquoise-padded Tuareg (a perfect match for shell suits everywhere), if this seat makes the production version then the Tuono Factory will at least be distinctive. More so as it ages and the yellow becomes mottled and stained with thousands of miles' worth of sweat and road muck. Let's hope it's just one from the workshop floor and the final version will be less of an eyesore.

You can expect to find out about the final colour options (and the tech spec, of course) later this year.