Sinnis Terrain 380 Adventure to land in the autumn

The first big capacity machine from Sinnis is set to land this autumn in the form of the Terrain 380 Adventure

Sinnis Terrain 380 Adventure

SINNIS is dipping its toe in the full-size motorcycle market, with the launch of its first full-sized adventure bike, the Sinnin Terrain 380 Adventure.

The bike is a bold step forward for Sinnis, a company that until now has played in the fun, affordable learner-legal and small-capacity motorcycle segment. The problem for Sinnis was that its biggest seller of recent years was the adventure biased Terrain 125. The capable and popular learner legal adventure bike proved a hit with dirt-loving CBT holders. Although once they passed their full licence, the brand lost them to other manufacturers.

The new Terrain 380 Adventure is released dedication to those 125cc adventurers, allowing them to ride even further and harder on the green lanes and byways of the UK.

Powering the bike is a liquid-cooled, parallel-twin, SOHC engine which is the most powerful unit in a Sinnis to date. It produces a peak power of 37bhp at 9,000 RPM and 35 Nm (26lb-ft) of torque at 6,500 RPM. With a claimed 70mpg and an 18 litre fuel tank, the Sinnis is claimed to be able to cover up to 300 miles between fill-ups, adding real-world ability to the off-road prowess.

The bike also features some quality touches like two-pot, radially-mounted wavy discs, a steel trellis frame, and cast aluminium wheels with all-terrain tyres fitted. The T380 also boasts some features not seen in the budget adventure sector, like the full colour LCD dash screen, dual LED headlights, built-in tyre pressure monitors, and an optional 105L of luggage capacity. Exhaust manufacturer Toro is also set to bring out exclusive performance systems for the bike post-launch.

As you’d expect from Sinnis, the price is one of the most exciting factors of the machine, and the T380 doesn’t disappoint on that front. The Terrain 380 Adventure could be yours for £4,495 – a full grand less than the competition from KTM.

The bike is available to preorder now with a minimum payment of £100 securing a first delivery of the machine. For more information on the new Sinnis Terrain 380, head to:

Sinnis Terrain 380 Adventure spec






Engine type

Double cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooling, camshaft upward with balance shaft

Displacement (ml)




Fuel System




Max Power (kw/rp/m)




Maximum speed

86.3 mph



L x W x H (mm)

2156 x 900 x 1380

Wheelbase (mm)


Seat height

820 (optional 790)

Fuel capacity


Curb weight (kg)


Fuel consumption (L/100km)


70 mpg*


Front: Disc

Rear: Disc

(Optional ABS)

Tyre Size

Front: 110/80-19

Rear: 140/70-17