Royal Enfield Himalayan gains updates for 2021

The highly successful Royal Enfield Himalayan gains new colours, Euro5 certification and some off-road goodies for 2021

2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan

SINCE its launch in 2016, the Royal Enfield Himalayan has been making sizeable waves in the adventure motorcycle sector. Given that the bike is powered by a diminutive 411cc engine that produces around 25bhp, the success of the bike is a true David vs Goliath story.

Royal Enfield Himalayan video review

But for a machine that was seemingly so focussed on adventure, there were some sizable omissions, especially for those looking to go further than Tarmac alone. Thankfully, the team at Royal Enfield seem to have picked up on this, as the 2021 update of the bike includes a raft of updates, including the main one all off-road riders missed most.

The main sticking point with the previous generation bike was the inability to disable the ABS to the rear wheel. Leaving those riding the tougher trails and lanes at a disadvantage compared to some other machines. For 2021 though that has been solved, as the latest bike will include switchable ABS to the rear wheel only. Another handy addition, for the road rider and off-roader alike, is the addition of a side stand, negating the need to haul the bike onto a centre stand whenever you need to leave the bike.

The next step for the team at Royal Enfield was to ensure the bike was now Euro5 compliant, not a huge task given that the engine is only a few years old, and that kind of foresight is already considered when a new powerplant is designed.

Finally, the new Himalayan will be available in a raft of new colourways, with some eye-catching two-tone paint schemes joining the more conservative colours we’ve previously seen.

The updated 2021 Himalayan has already been on sale in selected Asian markets, although the updated machine will be arriving in North America and Europe very soon. For more information, speak to your local Royal Enfield dealer or head to: