Robo Systems' Ultra Bike is a two-wheel drive electric off-roader for £1,500

A two-wheel-drive electric bike from Robo Systems can wade into water, go off-road, over boulders, and recharge remotely, all for $2,000.

Robo Systems Ultra Bike. - Robo Systems

ROBO Systems’ Ultra Bike is a two-wheel drive electric off-road motorcycle, which is also amphibious.

Water and electricity generally do not mix, but the Robo Systems Ultra Bike comes with a waterproof battery case which allows it to go through water.

It also features all-wheel-drive, which is achieved through two motors: one for the front wheel and one for the back. This must make for a curious and unusual riding experience, but the Ultra Bike is clearly designed to tackle some of the most extreme terrain around, not push the limits of out-right speed and performance.

The motors are both 1kW rated, with a peak output of 2kW, for a total rated power output of 2kW, or 4kW peak output. This means a top speed of 30mph, which does not sound like a lot, but when traversing boulders top speed is not such an immediate worry.

It comes with a petrol-powered 800W generator which can be used to charge the bike remotely. And, for a petrol generator, you will need fuel, hence the electric bike comes with a jerry can, and space to stow it. Additionally, there are fuel tanks integrated into the wheels, which, again, must make for a strange feeling, but it is certainly a way to create some extra storage.

As for the generator itself, it weighs 9kg, and runs with 220 volts. There is also space on the Ultra Bike to store the generator, which will fully charge the bike’s batteries in one hour. WIth that full charge, the Ultra Bike has a range of 50km, or just over 31 miles.

Its appearance would suggest that the Ultra Bike would weigh something ridiculous, like the equivalent of 3.2 Challenger tanks, or a B-2 stealth bomber. But, no, in fact it is quite light, at just 60kg. So, if you tip over, you won’t need an army to pick up your steed.

And, what about when you arrive at a big pond? Well, as we already said, the Ultra Bike comes with waterproofing, to stop the 220V from the inverter flowing through you once you start to wade in, as well as mounting points for side balloons that will help keep you and the bike afloat. 

Finally, price. $1990. Even for a bike with such a small range, that seems incredibly low for some of the uniquities of it, like the portable generator, wheel-in-built fuel tanks and two-wheel drive. But that is what it costs, and in a range of colours, too. All the way from black to grey, with white as a third choice.