Repsol-replica mini CBR launched

Japan-spec colour scheme looks sure to appear in Europe

HONDA has officially launched a Repsol-replica version of its facelifted CBR250R in Japan and it’s virtually certain an identical-looking CBR300R will appear over here when the delayed bigger-capacity version is finally put on sale.

The CBR300R was originally due on sale last month but has been pushed back to the end of the year, with no official reason given for the delay. In the meantime other markets including Japan have started getting the updated CBR250R, which has the same new bodywork as the Europe-bound 300R but keeps the old, smaller-capacity engine.

While most of the colour options are the same as the ones we’ve already seen – red, black or ‘tricolour’ – the Japan-spec 250 also comes in this updated Repsol scheme. Given that the old Euro-spec CBR250R was offered as a Repsol version, it’s likely that the CBR300R will also get the MotoGP-replica treatment when it does finally appear in showrooms.