Remember the ZRX?

It's still going strong in Japan

KAWASAKI has revealed the 2013-spec version of its age-old ZRX1200 – a bike that disappeared from the UK market five years ago but still attracts a strong Japanese following.

The 2013 machine will look pretty familiar to anyone who owned one of the bikes sold over here between 2001-2007, since it's barely been changed. A few up-to-date Kawasaki hallmarks like wavy discs and slim-spoked wheels differ from the retro bruiser we used to have here, but otherwise there have been no serious alterations.

Next year's Japanese market model celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Z-bike with a limited-edition, 300 of which will be built, using Ohlins shocks and the special paintwork you see here.

Perhaps absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, as the old-school ZRX is looking surprisingly attractive – time for a UK revival, perhaps?