Regent NO. 1 electric motorcycle nears completion

Sweden-based Regent Motorcycles NO. 1 electric motorcycle nearing production

Regent Motorcycles NO. 1

THE first bike from the Swedish electric motorcycle brand Regent is nearing completion and it includes some rather clever tech beneath the retro styling.

The bike looks like a classic take on the electric motorcycle concept, with retro lines and a simple, and a characteristic British style to the machine. What lies beneath the styling though is a motorcycle that stands apart from the rest of the electric motorcycle crowd.

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The Regent NO. 1 (or the RGNT NO. 1) was first displayed back in May of this year at the MC Mässan Swedish Motorcycle Fair. It was launched to warm applause from most corners of the industry, thanks in part to its connected nature and high-tech security features.

The bike includes a TFT touch-screen dash, and also an innovative anti-theft system. The geo-fenced alarm means owners can set the area in which they want the alarm to activate, meaning that moving the bike around within that area (a garage or courtyard for instance) does not activate the alarm.

The battery and motor specs of the bike are claimed to be very close to that os the Zero FXS electric Supermoto machine, meaning around 100 miles of range, and a 75mph top speed from the 20hp hub-mounted electric motor.

The Regent NO. 1 is claimed to be getting released in May 2020, although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has almost certainly put that idea to bed, and a list price under £10,000. AS yet there is no official confirmation as to whether the bike will be released in the UK.