QJ launches seven new models, previews new Benelli sportsbike and Benelli TRK 800

Chinese firm QJMotor reveals seven new models, including two fresh motorcycles that are set to make their way to Europe as Benelli motorcycles

Benelli SRG 600

With its diligent and enormous workforce, we all know China can achieve some pretty remarkable feats in a short space of time so it’s culturally appropriate that Qianjiang Motor is launching not one but seven brand-new models in time for 2021.

While the launch of motorcycles in China isn’t exactly big news - unless they’ve blatantly copied an existing design right down the decals - QJ Motor’s overhaul is more significant in that it essentially introduces two models we will be receiving in Europe.

As the owner of Benelli, while a Chinese giant taking on a historic Italian marque doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, the investment and methodical approach is reaping huge rewards to the extent that last year Benelli sold almost as many motorcycles globally as Triumph.

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It’s a relationship that appears to be working both ways with Benelli’s existing models getting reconfigured in QJ branding and - perhaps unusually - it’s getting two models that will have started life as QJ’s.

One will be the QJMotor SRT 750 (above), which is destined to become the larger engine version of the Benelli TRK 800 scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks. While they do get differing looks, the SRT 750 shares the same 754 twin already found in the Benelli 752S and Leoncino 800.

Perhaps the most interesting reveal was the QJMotor SRG 600 (above) which had only been (somewhat unflatteringly) photographed by a eagle-eyed snapper months ago. This launch, however, is more forgiving even if it remains a relatively generic style.

While it’s not quite a full-blooded new entry into the mid-range 600cc sportsbike market with only 80hp at 11,000rpm from its four-cylinder engine, it is understood it could well come this way in Benelli branding and - we hope - a boost in performance to make it the baby brother successor to the discontinued Tornado Tre.

Elsewhere, the Benelli 502TRK - which is closing on becoming the best-selling motorcycle in its native Italy - becomes the familiar QJMotor SRT 500, while the rakish, Diavel-aping QJMotor SRV 500 (below) is its take on the Benelli 502C.

Towards the bottom of the range is the perhaps the most important model given the Chinese motorcycle market, the pictured below SRK 350 (Benelli 302S) and the retro-inspired Turismo Sport 250, another model which could make its way to Europe too.

Finally, there is the previously announced behemoth Benelli 1200GT which goes right in big tourer category based on the QJ.