Praga launches new ultra-limited ZS 800 motorcycle

Praga is looking back to its two-wheeled origins with its newest limited creation, the ZS 800, which will be built in only 28 units.

Praga ZS 800

A new motorcycle is on the way from Praga which will celebrate the brand’s BD 500 from 1928. 

The new motorcycle, called the Praga ZS 800, will only be built in 28 units, and will combine contemporary race-derived technology with classic styling and design.

Praga has achieved a weight of 142kg with the ZS 800, and included within that is a 773cc parallel-twin engine (with an SOHC layout and four valves per cylinder) and a chrome molybdenum steel frame. The fuel tank is 11.5 litres in capacity and therefore, when it is full, the bike’s weight increases to 158kg.

A five-speed transmission will transfer the bike’s 50 horsepower and 65Nm from the engine to the rear wheel - 18 inches in diameter, and the same at the front, made from forged carbon. 

200mm hydraulic drum brakes operate at both wheels (double at the front, single at the rear) when it becomes time to stop.

The ‘retro’ specifications also apply to the suspension. It is supplied by Ohlins, the choice of the majority of MotoGP teams, but at the front there is a steel girder fork, and at the rear there is a hard tail - suspension is only under the seat. 

The bike rolls on Dunlop Roadmaster tyres, features a 795mm seat height, a 1,435mm wheelbase, and a 4.8kg titanium alloy exhaust system. 

The price? £75,550, plus tax. Again, only 28 will be made and the first client is already confirmed to be from Dubai. Orders are open for the remaining bikes, but with such limited availability it would be wise to act fast.

The ZS 800’s Chief Designer, Jan Žuži, said: “Strong and extremely lightweight materials – such as carbon, titanium, chrome molybdenum steel and aviation duralumin – enabled us to reimagine the rigid rear wheel suspension, the front swingarm fork, and the hydraulic drum brakes. 

“These futuristic materials and Praga sports division’s latest production facilities have enabled us to transfer those elegant historical design elements to the present day, and to build a motorcycle with contemporary driving characteristics and a unique feel.”

Find out more about the Praga ZS 800 on the Praga website.

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