Piaggio MP3 scooter to get active aero?!

The Piaggio MP3 could be about to get active aero in the form of fairing-mounted winglets!

Piaggio MP3 Active Aero

PATENTS filed by Piaggio show that next-generation MP3 scooter could be about to get active aero in the form of moveable winglets!

The patents show the bike decked out with two wings that sprout from the left and righthand sides of the MP3’s large frontal fairing. Aside from being one of the first scooters to gain any form of aerodynamic devices, the new Piaggio system goes one step further by making them active.

What does active aero mean for the Piaggio MP3

An active aero system means that instead of remaining static while riding, the winglets on the MP3 will react to the way the motorcycle is being ridden.

It’s claimed that they will work best above speeds of 50kph (30mph) and will help to increase corner entry and exit speeds and stability – all-important on your commute through city traffic.

The winglets can either move as one, with both winglets providing the same amount of force and in the same direction, or independently to help increase the rotation of the bike as it leans into turns.

When one winglet is positioned upward and the other one downward, the active aerodynamic system provides a rolling torque to the upward winglet to increase corner entry and exit speed. The winglets work as well for moving in the same direction to generate more downforce on the front wheel and downward to lighten the weight on the front end.

While the system is shown on Piaggio’s European favourite, the MP3, there is a good chance the design of the bike in the patents is purely a red-herring, devised to take us away from the system’s true calling. This system would seem more naturally at home on one of the Piaggio Group’s more sporty offerings, such as the RSV4 or Tuono V4 1100.