AKO announce tilting trike with 180+ mile range

Lithuanian start-up AKO has announced a tilting three-wheeled trike with nearly 200 miles of range

ako tilting trike

A Lithuanian start-up business has announced its first new motorcycle in the form of a tilting three-wheeled trike with two seats and a range of over 180 miles.

The machine is not nearly production-ready as yet, although as the video clip below shows the prototype is in the advanced stages of testing.

The trike features an innovative steering system that allows the user to turn the wheel at slow speeds or lean the trike from side to side for more high-speed manoeuvres. To tilt the trike over, instead of merely turning the wheel, the driver/rider can shift the steering column left or right, with the steering mechanism tilting the trike over accordingly.

The AKO is powered by an electric moto driving the single rear wheel by way of a driveshaft and is claimed to produce 200kW (around 268bhp) and a mammoth 600Nm (440lb-ft) of torque. Mated to the motor is a 26kWh battery which gives the vehicle its claimed 300+km (186 miles) range. AKO is claiming a top speed limited to 150mph and a maximum lean angle of 30°.

With the trike being enclosed, some safety systems are fairly easy to integrate, meaning the AKO is covered with front and side airbags and four-point harnesses for the driver and passenger.

No official launch date for the trike is confirmed as yet, nor is the asking price for the unusual yet interesting vehicle. AKO are asking any interested parties to get in touch via the contact form on their website.

For more information head to: akotrike.com