Piaggio Group roll out summer deals on top brands

The Piaggio Group are laying down some enticing deals to get riders onto new motorcycles and ready for summer

Piaggio Group roll out summer deals on top brands

WITH COVID-19 restrictions beginning to lift for England, it’s no surprise to learn that most motorcycle manufacturers are doing their level best to get riders into their showrooms.

Piaggio Group, who own Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Vespa, and Piaggio, are also joining the push, as the lay down some mega deals on a new machine to help blow away those post-lockdown cobwebs.

First up is a deal for the commuters and urban travellers as the Piaggio Liberty 125 is available with 0% HP finance, helping city dwellers to commute in socially-distanced style. Riders can also pick up the firm’s mega-frugal Medley 125, a machine that can hit a claimed 135mpg, 3% on a PCP deal with no deposit. For those looking for a slightly more substantial machine, the MP3 300 HPE Sport is also available with 3% finance on PCP with no deposit.

Vespa is also cranking up the offers, with 0% HP across the entire GTS range. The 0% deal means riders can plan for 12 or 24-month finance plans with a minimum deposit of just £800. Models included in this offer are: GTS 125 Touring (£5,199), GTS 125 Super (£4,499), GTS 125 SuperSport (£4,799), GTS 125 SuperTech (£5,499), GTS 125 Super Notte (£4,699), GTS 125 Racing Sixties (£4,699), GTS 300 hpe (£4,899), GTS 300 hpe Touring (£5,699), GTS 300 hpe Super (£4,999),

GTS 300 hpe SuperSport (£5,399), GTS 300 hpe SuperTech (£5,999), GTS 300 hpe Super Racing

Sixties (£5,199), GTS Sei Giorni (£5,499), GTS 300 hpe Super Notte (£5,199). Customers can take advantage of this offer to buy a Vespa GTS 125 Super for just £149 a month for 24 months with a deposit of £923.

Those riders looking for a sporty-looking and handling 125cc machine can take advantage of 0% HP across the Aprilia 125cc range. The RX 125, SX 125, Tuono 125, RS 125 & RS 125 GP Replica are currently all available with 0% APR HP finance for 12–24 months with a minimum deposit of just £500. The Tuono 125 (£4,399), RS 125 (£4,499) and RS 125 GP Replica wear the family styling of their V4-powered range mates with pride and are all imbued with the same Aprilia passion for performance that means riding them is always a pleasure. Similarly, the RX 125 (£3,499) and SX 125 (£3,499) serve up exciting, sporty performance for young riders who don’t want to compromise.

Using this offer to buy an RX 125 would with a deposit of £643 would result in 24 monthly repayments of just £119.

The Aprilia Tuono V4110 RR and Factory are also included in the sales, with both available with 3% finance on a PCP for 37 months based on a 20% deposit. Using this offer to fund a new Tuono V4 1100 RR with a deposit of £3,475 would result in 36 monthly payments of £135, with an optional final payment of £6,440.

Finally, the Moto Guzzi Range of bikes are given some money off and a trade-in deal as the V7 III Stone, V7 III Stone Night Pack and V7 III Special all review £1,000 off the list price, with the V85TT adventure touring machine receiving a trade-in bonus of £850 when they trade in a new bike.

All offers are valid from 1st June to 30th September, to find you nearest Piaggio Group dealer, head to  www.piaggio.com, www.aprilia.com, www.vespa.com or www.motoguzzi.com.