Peugeot's new Django Shadow scooter to arrive at dealers in May

Peugeot have announced a new edition of the Django scooter for 2022, in two displacements and featuring a new colour scheme, called the Shadow.

2022 Peugeot Django Shadow. - Motorrad.

Peugeot have renewed the Django Shadow scooter for 2022, with a fresh design and a new paint scheme. 

The Django Shadow will be available in either a 125cc or 50cc (both four-stroke) version, two displacements which are ideal for intra-city commutes. 

Its design has a very ‘retro’ look, especially in the new ‘adventure green’ colour, and thanks to the circular mirrors. It maintains aesthetic modernity, though, with the black accents, sharp indicator lights, and the slats in the engine cover. 

The engine will produce 3.5hp in the 50cc version while adhering to Euro5 regulations. Additionally, it will come with electronic fuel injection, as well as a combination of electric start and kick-start. The top speed of the 50cc version is 45kph (30mph), thanks to its relatively light weight at 126kg. Stopping those 126kg will be done with a 200mm front disc, while at the back the disc is 110mm. For the 50cc version, you will need €2,905.

In the 125cc version, the power is of course more. 10.6 horsepower will power you around the city with the larger capacity version, as well as 9.3Nm of torque. With a quoted fuel consumption statistic of 2.3 litres per kilometre, the 125cc edition will make its 8.5-litre fuel tank last for 380km, or 236 miles. There is no kick-start with the 125cc, only electric, while the fuel remains electronically injected as the 50cc. Air-cooled and reaching a top speed of 90kph (56mph), the 125cc Django Shadow is certainly a brisk form of city transportation. 

Away from the motor, the front brake is the same on the 125cc as the 50cc, but it also comes with ABS; while at the rear we see an 80mm increase, from 110mm to 190mm. Also increasing in size is the price. Compared to the €2,905 of the 50cc, the 125cc Django Shadow will cost €3,455 (£2900), and that is before add-ons like top boxes, luggage racks and windshields.

The Django Shadow is expected to arrive in dealerships next month, in May 2022, according to Tech Princess.

Images courtesy of Motorrad.