The other Ducati Scramblers

It’s not just red or yellow – if you’re prepared to pay…

WHILE the base model Ducati Scrambler has been getting the lion’s share of the column inches – and has been the focus of the firm’s painfully drawn-out teaser campaign – it’s not alone in the new model range.

No. While the stock machine (or ‘Scrambler Icon’ to use its correct title) is obviously the main atraction, there are a trio of supporting features in the form of the ‘Scrambler Urban Enduro,’ ‘Scrambler Full Throttle’ and ‘Scrambler Classic.’

The Urban Enduro gets matte green paint, a brown seat with a new design and a sump guard along with wire-spoked wheels instead of cast alloys. The front mudguard is raised to give a more off-road look and there’s a cross-strut on the handlebars, a headlight grill and plastic fork protectors. Overall, it carries off the whole ‘scrambler’ look more convincingly than the base machine.

Alternatively you have the Full Throttle version, which comes in black with yellow graphics, gets a Termignoni slip-on, lower bars, a flat-track style seat and a ‘sports style’ front mudguard.

Meanwhile the Classic gets spoked wheels, metal mudguards for a more retro look, a different seat and an ‘orange sunshine’ paintjob with 70s-style badges and graphics.

While we’re still waiting on UK prices, in America the bikes are believed to start at $8595 for the basic Icon in red or yellow, while the Full Throttle, Classic and Urban Enduro come in at $9995. That’s £5315 and £6180 at today’s exchange rates, although UK taxes mean the real prices are likely to be significantly higher than that. A more realistic comparison comes from looking at the Monster 696, which is $9295 in America and £6999 over here, suggesting that the base Scrambler Icon should be around £6500, with the higher-spec models coming in at around £7400.