This is the Oruga Unitrack and We Want One

If the zombie apocalypse does happen, we’re going to ride it out on this, the Oruga Unitrak 


Adventure bikes don’t get any more adventure-y than this! It’s called the Oruga Unitrak, and it might just be the coolest and wildest bike of 2024.

It’s been designed by a Latvian team which is claiming the bike to be the world’s first  “all-terrain e-monotrack” - or at least it will be when it goes into production in 2025. As you can guess from the ‘e’ in e-monotrack, the bike is electric-powered, although the press release accompanying it mentions hybrid. Whether that’s as a range-extending hybrid, where a petrol or diesel engine helps to keep the batteries topped up, or as a traditional hybrid, where the internal combustion engine powers the wheels track, remains to be seen. Oruga is in the process of building the first example which will be fully electric and in keeping with the brand's ethos of a machine that is green, innovative and sustainable.

Powering the machine is a 90kW (circa 120bhp) motor, which is quite a lot of power for an electric bike. We expect the torque figure to be even more impressive and with two versions on offer (Nude - 150kg and Heavyweight - 300kg) it will likely need some chunky low-end grunt. A claimed range of the machine is either 62 miles if fully electric or 124 miles if using the hybrid technology. It's claimed that it's going to have a top speed of around 60mph, although top-speed on a bike like this is kind of irrelevant! 

It is, though, the design of the track that gives this bike its genuine go-anywhere ability, not the motor or battery, as with a much larger contact patch than a traditional adventure bike or off-roader, it will have a lot more traction and grip. Because of this, the team behind the Unitrack notes it will be capable of handling sand, deep mud, rocky climbs and snow. Traditional motorcycles struggle with all those areas, which gives this kind of machine an edge and possibly attractive to those who work within inhospitable regions. Running on electric power also means it should be quiet and therefore less likely to disturb wildlife.

As you’d expect, the Unitrack isn’t quite ready for a test ride yet (which is a shame) but they are developing a working version and taking deposits and distributor enquiries. You can find out more information on the official website and social media.

Oruga Unitrack specs

Real-sized concept model

In production

First production batch

By the end of 2025


Latvia, EU

Target market

Europe, North America

Target audience

outdoor enthusiasts and professionals

Driving licence

Differs by country of use








H1200 x W900 x L2400mm


Between 150kg-300kg (Nude vs Heavyweight configuration)


1, maximum 2 persons


Electric / Hybrid 


100km (electric) - 200km (hybrid)



Battery Pack

Under development

Maximum speed

Up to 100km/h

Reverse driving



Proprietary system

Track system

Proprietary system

Turning radius

6 meters


Compatible with standard equipment
Extra battery cell containers for longer trips



*Subject to change

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