New Yamaha T-Max Sport edition - but not for Blighty

Trick sport edition of hyper-scoot launched for rest of Europe

Yamaha T-Max SE

We were pleased to get news yesterday of a new sport edition of Yamaha's tasty T-Max maxi-scooter. The tweaked T-Max SX SE comes with an Akrapovic pipe as standard, with carbon heat shield, and also gets a sporty screen and posh numberplate holder. Woo.

Sadly, a follow-up mail from Yamaha UK confirmed that this version won't make it to Albion's shores. There's no high-stakes Brexity snub involved - rather, the small size of the UK super-scooter market means Yamaha UK only brings in the base T-Max and the flagship DX model. So no SX, and no SX Sport Edition either. We only have ourselves to blame for not buying more gigantic luxo-auto-leg-shielded two-wheelers. Booh.