New Suzuki parallel-twin patents revealed – the SV650 replacement?

New patent images have been revealed showing us how the replacement Suzuki SV650 is shaping up

Suzuki parallel twin patent

IT’S no surprise that Suzuki is working up a replacement to the venerable, although fairly aged SV650. We’ve been following the patent images for some time, and the new bike seems to be following a very tried, tested, and highly successful path.

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The latest images of the new machine confirm that the bike is moving along nicely, and are giving us an insight into the frame, swingarm, and engine of the new model.

The previous patent images we shared focussed mostly on the engine and its placement in the frame. The other elements of the chassis were fairly non-descript and were merely placeholders in the drawings. This new image gives us a very clear idea of the way Suzuki is going, and fans of the MT-07 will find the drawing refreshingly familiar.

The bike is using a fairly conventional frame, that uses the engine as a stressed member. The parallel-twin is clutched by mounting points on the head at the front and rear, and also on the underside of the engine casing at the rear. The frame is a hybrid design, with a tubular element forming the upper part of the layout, with what we assume ore pressed or maybe cast sections forming the frame plates on either side. The subframe is a simple design that looks to be bolted onto the frame of the bike.

The swingarm is the biggest new element of the bike that we can see in the new image. The previous drawings showed a very simplistic item that was clearly never going to make it into production. The updated swingarm shown here is a much more stylish design, with both sides of the swingarm featuring different designs. We can also see that the shock absorber sits below the bottom line of the swingarm, pointing to the bike using a rising-rate linkage as opposed to mounting directly onto the swingarm.

The actual bike that Suzuki is working on is also going to be much further along the road than this one, as the patents you see here were filed in May 2019. That means we could be seeing this new bike in the not too distant future!