Is this the new Suzuki GSX-S300?

A possible new A2 licence challenger from Suzuki has been revealed in the form of a possible GSX-S 300

Suzuki GSX-S300

SUZUKI could be about to announce a new A2 licence compliant naked motorcycle in the form of the GSX-S 300.

The bike seen in the pictures is branded as a Haojue DR300 (rings a bell doesn’t it) and is built by Suzuki’s Chinese technical partner, Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motorcycle Co. the two companies use the Haojue brand to help sell small capacity and A2 sized motorcycles across the far east and Asia. There are rumours though that the DR300 is heading to these shores in the form of a Suzuki branded GSX-S300.

The bike features decent spec kit too, with KYB supplying some blingy looking USD forks, LED lights front and rear and a digital instrument cluster. The new bike, if the spec stays the same as the DR300, will also 7-step preload-adjustable rear mono-shock. With braking being provided by 298mm petal discs with a dual-piston calliper at the front and a smaller petal disc with a single-piston calliper at the rear. The brakes are reported to be backed up by a dual-channel Bosch ABS.

The Suzuki GSX-S300 uses an all-new 298 cc twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine which churns out 29.23 PS of power at 8,500 rpm and 27.8 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. It is linked to a 6-speed gearbox and is claimed to be able to return around 70mpg, making it furgal and good looking.

As there is no official confirmation that the new Suzuki branded DR300 is officially arriving – on these or any shores – no price has yet been announced. It also stands to reason that while the world is in its current enforced stasis thanks to COVID-19, announcing an official launch date for the future seems unlikely.