New retro SYM leaked

Is this what Triumph should have made instead of its dropped 250s?

WHEN it was announced that Triumph had put its plans for a 250cc Daytona and naked bike ‘on hold’ some of you suggested that a small retro model along the lines of the Bonneville might have been a better idea. This isn’t that bike, but it looks like it’s aiming at a similar spot in the market.

In fact, this drawing shows a forthcoming model expected to be released by Taiwanese firm SYM. From the look of its engine, it’s actually a 125cc single rather than a 250, but even so the early signs are that it’s an attractive-looking device in a retro sort of way. And very much a blank canvas for turning into a café racer or scrambler, too.

If priced right – and since it’s a SYM we’d guess somewhere in the £2500 range is probably realistic – this could be an attractive option for the growing number of riders opting to stick to L-plates instead of taking their (ever more expensive and complex) test to get a full licence.